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■Personal information protection policy
V-cube Inc., recognizes that the personal information obtained by us from our customers via input forms or emails about V-CUBE, our visual communication service, are important private information. We have established a system for keeping your personal information safe. This personal information protection policy describes our approach in the handling of personal information for the above service.

■Purpose of obtaining and using personal information
We obtain your personal information for service operations.
The contact name, phone number, email address and other contact details shall not be used for any purposes other than the following:
(1)Response to queries, contact, provision of information
(2)Marketing activities related to the sales of our products or services.

■About credit card payment
In this service, we obtain credit card information of customers who have selected credit card as the payment method for service usage charges. We collect payments through our credit settling system using your credit card information. We do not use your credit card information for any purposes other than to collect usage charges for this service.

Pages on our website into which your personal information is input are protected using industry-standard SSL encoding to protect data transmission. We have implemented rational and appropriate safety measures, and intend to continue to improve such measures and to protect against hazards, such as unauthorized external access, loss, damage, destruction, modification, leakage, and unauthorized external movement of data.

■Management of outsourcing
We may outsource handling of personal information within the scope of what is necessary to achieve the purpose of its use. We only outsource to partners whom we identify as those who handle personal information in an appropriate manner. We also provide your personal information to our partners, only within the scope of what is necessary to achieve the purpose of its use. Through an agreement or other means, we require our partners to handle your personal information in an appropriate manner and conduct regular checks to ensure that such requirements are being met.

■Provision of personal information
We will not sell or loan personal information.
However, we may provide your personal information to a third party without your prior consent in one of the following circumstances.
1.If a company to whom we have outsourced duties requires the information in order to operate this service.
2.If required to do so by a government agency in a legitimate manner in accordance with law.
3.If urgently necessary due to an immediate danger to life, body, or property of a person.
4.If we have your consent.

■Demand for disclosure, amendment, usage discontinuation, etc of personal information
If we receive, from an individual, a request for disclosure, amendment etc (amendment, addition or partial deletion), or usage discontinuation etc (discontinuation of use or provision, or removal) of personal information relating to the individual, we shall do so promptly upon an appropriate identification check. However, an amendment etc of information can be demanded in an instance in which there is an error in the personal information held by us. A usage discontinuation etc of information can be demanded if the manner in which we treat personal information is contrary to our public statements or to the contents of agreements. For details on how to file such requests, please refer to "procedures etc for disclosure, amendment etc, and usage discontinuation etc of personal information".

■Our personal information protection policy
We have prepared internal regulations and conduct staff training and internal audits with regards to the handling of your personal information. We have also designated a personal information protection manager, and shall continuously improve our internal management system for the protection of personal information.

■Queries and complaints etc on handling of personal information
We shall respond promptly to queries and complaints etc on the handling of personal information.
Please contact the following for any queries, complaints, etc on handling of personal information.

Please read the terms carefully!